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Celebrate your unique style, accentuate what you love about yourself, indulge in the reasons you fell in love with each other....


“Hello Gorgeous !”


Be yourself. Realise those dreams.....


With international appeal, from a family design team-created for all curvy brides, we talk about shape, not size.


Fabulous Style

Confident Structure

Elegant Support

Fit… Superb


Soft and stylish fabrics, top-quality workmanship, on-trend ideas for the curvy bride with subtle, but exquisite customisations available to meet the most exacting needs (but without breaking the bank!), you’ll be shouting from the rooftops.....

Our classic collection has been created incorporating unusual colours and textured fabrics and laces, in shades of champagne, frost and petal pink with floral and tulip printed soft English tulle and organza .


The Frances Marlow collection focuses on modern “Boho” styled gowns, in soft tulle and chiffon in delicate shades of rum soft Ivory, with modern uses of lace, beadwork and sparkle.

Our focus in all collections includes well-structured bodices - internal corsetry giving perfect support, with fitted shapes, detailed sleeves, fishtail skirts and tulle ballgowns.  Fabrics are soft and details are intricate, with modern uses of lace, beadwork and sparkle.


The Contemporary collection comprises separate tops and bottoms, which allow the modern bride to mix a wide-legged chiffon trouser, or soft crepe skirt, with a plain fitted, or beaded bodice, or a sequin cami and lace jacket, which allows the bride to create her own perfect look.


And to complement the look ‘nifty little cover ups’ delicate beaded capes and lace jackets complete the look .


The collection focuses on UK sizes 12 to 32 but the designers are passionate about Size-Inclusivity.

Ciao Bellissima !

Aster Trouser.JPG.jpg
Amaryllis Jacket.JPG.jpg
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